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Food plays a key role in a healthy lifestyle. The right foods can help you feel better and stay healthier though out life – from childhood to old age.

Le NutriJournal, a weekly online magazine, provides consumers with useful and timely stories on food and health The journal publishes articles on pioneer science. Its weekly edition features a mix of articles, videos, slide shows, infographics and interviews.

The topics covered by this publication are focused around the following knowledge and discoveries:

Editorial committee

The objective of the editorial committee is to dictate the tone and direction of Le NutriJournal. The committee meets monthly to evaluate scientific findings, news and opinion trends.  The voices have been selected in the scientific field covered by Le NutriJournal to provide relevant scientific insights.

This committee is composed of scientists, writers and digital experts.

Françoise Cardoso: Publishing Director Le NutriJournal - Danone Nutricia Research
Martine Piaia: Nutriton - Danone Nutricia Research
Sara Thompson, PhD - Microbiology, Chemistry - Danone Nutricia Research
Sylvie Binda, PhD – Microbiology- Danone Nutricia Research
Cécile Maman, PhD – Yogurt Science - Danone Nutricia Research
Liliana Jimenez, PhD - Hydration physiology, Sport physiology, Nutrition & Dietetics - Danone Nutricia Research
Damien Paineau - PhD - Nutrition
Heather Wagner - Scientific communication  - Danone Nutricia Research

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The scientific voices of Le NutriJournal are carefully selected with objectivity based on their scientific expertise, their research area, their reliable work in particular scientific studies and research programs. They provide with their personal views, scientific opinions and statements on their filed of expertise to act in the interest of the journal’s editorial commitment. In any case the content of Le NutriJournal constitutes the personal views of the editor.

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